Be Part of Our Next “52 Ways” Book!


We published our first book, Grandparenting, Renew, Relive, Rejoice, 52 Ways to Mindfully Connect and Grow with Your Grandkids, a little over a year ago. To enhance our writing, research, and presentation, we asked many of our grandparent friends to write anecdotes to accompany and personalize each of these moments.

Frankly, we were hoping our book would find an interested and appreciative audience. Well, it did. And then some! The response was more than we had hoped for. The reviews were wonderful; the sales were a bonus (and we were able to use them to donate to many viable causes).

The feedback from friends and family was lovely and genuine. And the feedback from the readers and other professionals was terrific.

And then the questions came to us… What’s next?

Well, here’s the answer: In keeping with our “52” theme, we are looking for 52 ways to improve the experience of grandparenting and help each other understand the relationship between parents, grandparents and grandchildren.

Your stories will enhance our writing and research, adding depth and character to the book.

The short take is:

  • Parents: What do you really want to say to your parents or in-laws about their roles as grandparents?
  • Grandparents: What do you really want to ask or say to your own children or your sons and daughters in law about raising their children (your grandchildren)?

With your help, by telling us your stories and anecdotes, and in some cases secrets, we can unlock some of the “touchy” areas that do not get discussed because of the unwritten rules of being a grandparent or a parent, and help solve some of the issues that might get in the way of having great relationships with your family. Of course, your stories will be totally confidential. We will not use/publish any real names.

Any anecdote or story is welcome – we are talking funny, poignant, or heart-warming; real, disturbing, or annoying; loving or compassionate, etc. We’ll present both positive and not so positive stories for an honest look at navigating these key family dynamics. Please, make it genuine!

Thank you again for getting involved and sharing with us the things you would like to say to each other, but don’t for all the good reasons. If we get these stories into the book, they can open doors to better relationships and more fun in the wonderful world of being a parent and grandparent.

Here’s a list of topics to spark your thinking. Please know these are only suggestions. We want to hear your personal story.

All our best,

Leslie & Pam and

Please submit your anecdote via the form below. If you wish attribution, there’s a place to list that. If you would like your submission to be anonymous, the form also allows for that.
We want you to be completely comfortable sharing your genuine experiences!